Why do we celebrate Diwali ? | Diwali 2019 Festival Celebrations

Why do we celebrate Diwali ?

Why do we celebrate Diwali ? is the question from our childhood, while celebrating Diwali festival and we have heard stories related to this festival.

Each part of Indian carries different versions of the stories for Diwali.

Apart from the spiritual side, there are many other reasons why do we celebrate Diwali. And these reasons are not just for Hindus but also for all others.

So we celebrate Diwali Festival for the following reasons.

Why do we celebrate Diwali

Reasons for why do we celebrate Diwali

The Victory of Rama:

According to the great epic ‘Ramayana, Lord Rama exiled with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana and at the end of this period, Rama killed Ravana, the King of Demons.

Diwali embarked as a victory of Rama over Ravana, the goodness over the evil.

He returned with his wife and brother to Ayodhya on Karthik Amavasya. Hence, the entire Ayodhya was happy with lights and fireworks as a symbol of happiness and excitement.

Lord Krishna killed demon Narakasur:

The most well-known mythological story in ‘Bhagavatha Purana is the victory of Lord Krishna over demon Narakasur.

Narakasur attacked Lord Indra and defeated him.

He snatched the earrings of the ruler Suraloka, Goddess Aditi who is the relative of Lord Krishna’s wife Sathyabhama.

After that, he conquered both heavens and earth and imprisoned 16,000 daughters of Gods and Saints.

Lord Krishna with the help of his wife Satyabhama killed the demon Narakasura on the day before Diwali. And rescued 16,000 women from his palace and restored Goddess Aditi’s earrings.

Death of the demon was a great relief for the people of heaven and earth. Because of this reason for Why do we celebrate Diwali occasion splendidly with tradition and joy.

Why Sikhs celebrate Diwali?

The importance of Diwali festival in the Sikh community was increased when their Guru Amar Das laid down the foundation stone for the famous ‘Golden Temple‘ in Amritsar on the day of Diwali.

During the period of last Sikh Guru Hargobind, the significance was higher.

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