Thanksgiving Day in USA | History and Celebrations of the day

Thanksgiving Day in USA

Thanksgiving Day in USA is a great time to celebrate getting out for a long weekend to have fun and great dinner for Americans. They also opine that it is the start of the Christmas holiday season. What is the real reason behind the Celebrations of Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving Day in USA

History of Thanksgiving Day in USA

Thanksgiving Day was first celebrated in the year 1621 at Plymouth Plantation. Local Native Americans invited England’s religious refugees popularly known as Pilgrims, to a harvest feast after a successful growing season. The previous year i.e. in 1620 of winter, harvest was failed due to which half of the pilgrims were starved to death. Luckily local Wampanoag tribe taught pilgrims how to grow beans, squash and corn known as three sisters, fishing and to collect seafood. Only two contemporary accounts of 1621 Thanksgiving are there. But it is not clear whether Turkey was on the menu or not. The three-day feast contained lobster, deer, moose, and deer.

Celebrations of Thanksgiving day

Celebrations of Thanksgiving Day In USA          

Every year in the United States Americans celebrate this Day on the fourth Thursday of November. They follow traditions of the first Thanksgiving Day, but many have their own traditions. Here are some of the traditions related to Thanksgiving Day.

The Feast

Traditional foods are a big part of the Celebrations of Thanksgiving Day. All the family members will take part in preparing the food. Turkey, gravy, stuffing, cornbread, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes are the traditional foods. For dessert, many people serve pie at the end of the meal. Famous flavors of pie are pumpkin, sweet potato, pecan, and apple.

Thanksgiving Day in USA the feast

Some of the families prefer to serve vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner rather than stuffed turkey; some of them eat vegetarian turkey of tofu. While others choose to have salads, squash, vegetable and fruit dishes.

The Wishbone

Some of Americans include breaking the Wishbone of turkey as a part of the celebration. They attach wishbone to the breast meat of turkey’s chest. After the removal of meat, the wishbone becomes brittle and dry, two people take one end each, will make a wish and pull. Whoever pulls the bigger part of the bone ends up getting their wish.

Thanksgiving Day in USA wishbone

 The Travel

Most of the people will celebrate this Day with their families. Many live far away from their families and travel by car, train or plane to meet their loved ones. This is the best part about this Day.

Thanksgiving Day in USA travel

Turkey Pardon:

Every year at Thanksgiving, the United States President will receive a live turkey as a gift along with an alternate turkey if anything happens to the official turkey. The President ‘pardons’ traditionally at a White House Ceremony to the National Thanksgiving Turkey and the alternate ones, allowing them to live out their rest of lives on the farm.

Thanksgiving Day in USA turkey pardon

Helping Others:

Many kind-hearted people use the this day as an opportunity to help the people with less fortune. Some of the will volunteer to serve the food at homeless shelters on this great day, other will participate in donating canned food drives to them.

Thanksgiving Day in USA helping others


On this Day celebrations, television also plays a part. Many people watch the New York City Macy’s Parade on Thanksgiving Day. This parade includes songs, marching bands, floats and Broadway musicals performances and giant balloons filled with helium. People also enjoy watching football games.

Macy’s Parade on Thanksgiving Day

 Facts about this Day:                                  

  • The First Thanksgiving Day lasted for three days.
  • 91% of Americans consume turkey on this Day.
  • On this Day 20% of cranberries are consumed in the US per year are eaten.
  • The ritual of the wishbone is a good luck on this day.
  • $7 billion worth turkeys will be sold.
  • In the Year 1863, Abraham Lincoln declared a national day of Thanksgiving.
  • The First New York City Macy’s Parade was held in 1924.
  • 50% of the Americans will put the stuffing’s inside Turkey.

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