Festival of Bathukamma 9 Days Names and Celebrations

Festival of Bathukamma 9 Days Names and Celebrations

Bathukamma is a colorful festival of flowers of Telangana state. Bathukamma festival has become the state’s symbol of culture and identity over the years. However, this festival will celebrate with a different variety of flowers. Just scroll down to know How is Bathukamma celebrated?, History of Bathukamma, Procedure to make Bathukamma, Festival of Bathukamma 9 Days Names and Celebrations, Auspicious flowers used in making Bathukamma, Telangana Bathukamma Images.

Festival of Bathukamma 9 Days Names and Celebrations

During the nine days of 9-Navratri, people play bathukamma, it starts on the day of Mahalaya Amavasya. However, the festival falls at the end of the monsoon. Women celebrate Bathukamma with different flowers of the area. Because, the monsoon rain brings plenty of water into the tanks, lakes of Telangana and it is the time when exotic flowers blossom in beautiful vibrant colors across the barren lands of the state.

How is Bathukamma celebrated?

However Festival begins with Saddula Bathukamma’ which is a grand closing of the Bathukamma festival; it comes two days before Dussehra. Women go to their parent’s home from their in-laws home to celebrate this floral festival. Then for an entire week, people make small ‘Bathukammas’, play around them in the evenings and immerse them in a nearby water body. On the final day, men of the house go into the plains to gather the flowers like ‘tangedu’ and ‘gunuka’. A bagful of these flowers is brought home and the entire family members arrange them in stacks.

History of Bathukamma:

Legend of Bathukamma is that there lived a king of Chola dynasty named Dharmangada and a queen named Satyavati. They lost their sons in the battle. So they worshipped and did a ritual to Goddesses Lakshmi to be born as their child. On hearing their prayers, the Goddess obliged them. Many religious pundits and scholars visited the baby on her birth and blessed her with the name Bathukamma which means live forever.

Now, Chief Minister of Telangana, Mr. Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao announced the festival as Telenga State festival as it helped in achieving the Telangana by showing the traditional splendor to the world.

Procedure to make Bathukamma :

In the Beginning, flowers are cautiously arranged row after row in the circular in a plate of brass called ‘taambaalam’ in alternate colors. The Bathukamma increases in size and the bigger it gets the better. However, the white ‘gunuka’ flowers are painted with various colors to get colorful layers of the circle along with ‘tangedu’ in between. Finally, Bathukamma is placed before the family divinity to offer prayers.

Next, In the evening, the women dress in their best and adorn ornaments and will place Bathukamma in their courtyard. Eventually, the neighborhood women also gather in a large circle around it. Meanwhile, they make rounds around Bathukamma repeatedly by singing songs. However, this builds a beautiful human circle of sisterhood, love, and unity. Then this continues till oncoming of dusk, and then the women will carry the Bathukamma on their heads and move as an emanation towards a nearby water body. Meanwhile, Folklore songs are sung in chorus throughout the emanation and the streets vibrate with them.

Finally, when they reach to the nearby pond or water body, they immerse the Bathukammalu slowly into the water after one more round of sing and playing over there. In addition, they share a dessert made of sugar and cornbread called as ‘maleeda’ among the neighbors and family members. Finally, women return to their homes with empty ‘taambaalam’ singing songs in praise of Bathukamma.

Festival of Bathukamma 9 Days Names and Celebrations:

Generally, Nine days of Bathukamma Festival celebrations begin from Pethara Amavasya till the Saddula Bathukamma, the final day.

  • First day: The first day is Engili Puvvula Bathukamaa. It is on Pethara Amavasya.
  • Second day: The Second day is Atukula Bathukamma. It comes on the first day of Ashwayuja Masam.
  • Third day: The Muddhapappu Bathukamm, comes on the second day of Ashwayuja Masam.
  • The fourth day: It is Nanbiyyam Bathukamma. It comes on the third day of Navratri i.e. Sindhura Thadiya Gauri.
  • Fifth day: The fifth day is Atla Bathukamma which is on the fourth day of Navratri utsavams.
  • Sixth day: Aigina or Alaka Bathukamma, celebrated as Lalitha Panchami which falls on the fifth day of Navratri. Bathukamma will not prepare on this day or offer any Prashad.
  • Seventh-day: Vepakayala Bathukamma falls on the 6th day of Navratri.
  • Eighth day: Vennamuddhala Bhathukamma comes on the seventh day of Navratri.
  • Ninth day: Saddula Bathukamma is the grand finale; huge bathukammas will prepare than regular sizes on this day and immersed in water. It comes on Durga Ashtami day and sometimes it falls on Mahanavami day.

Auspicious flowers used in making Bathukamma:

However, people believe that the fragrance of flowers fulfills the divinity, which makes a wonderful incentive to the customs of Pooja. Bathukamma is a floral festival; various flowers will use in the preparation of Bathukamma. They are

  • Celosia (gunugu in Telugu)
  • Tanner’s Cassia (Tangedu)
  • Marigold (Banthi)
  • Chrysanthemum (chamanthi)
  • Indian Lotus (Tamara puvu)
  • Cucurbita ( Gummadi puvu)
  • Cucumis (dosa puvu)
  • Ipomoea (Katla)
  • Luffa ( Beera puvu)
  • Tridax( Gaddi puvu)
  • Ajwain (wama puvu)

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