Diwali Celebrations in Punjab | Significance and Traditions of Diwali in Punjab

Diwali Celebrations in Punjab

Diwali Celebrations in Punjab is a major Hindu festival.

Although it is having a massive population of Sikhs in the state. It is Punjab’s most awaited festival.

Diwali coincides with ‘Bandi Chor Diwas’ which is a Sikh festival.

Though the celebrations of Diwali in Punjab were from olden days, it doesn’t hold the same importance to Sikhs as it is having now.

After Bandi Chor Diwas, the Diwali celebrations will begin. Diwali celebrations in Punjab last for four days.

It marks the beginning of the winter season and sowing of new crops. People believe cows as a form of Goddess Laxmi, they decorate and worship them.

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The significance of Diwali in Punjab:

The importance of Diwali in Punjab is increased when Guru Amar Das of Sikhs laid down the foundation stone for the famous ‘Golden Temple’ in Amritsar on this day.

The significance of Diwali Celebrations in Punjab is more during the period of the last Sikh Guru Hargobind.

It is said that Emperor Jahangir of Mughal dynasty, imprisoned Guru Hargobind along with 52 other princes of different states of India.

Hargobind Ji demanded his release on Diwali, and Jahangir agreed to it.  Guru demanded the release of 52 Hindu princes along with his release.

Jahangir complied with him for that too but put a condition that the prisoners who could hold onto Hargobind Ji’s cloak were only allowed to go.

After hearing the condition Hargobind Ji designed a special cloak with 52 strings for each of the princes.

On Diwali Hargobind Ji along with 52 princesses holding onto the strings on his cloak walked out of the prison.

People celebrate Diwali Celebrations in Punjab as the release anniversary of Guru Hargobind.

What are the Traditions of Diwali in Punjab?

Diwali preparations in Punjab begin at-least a month in advance. People clean their houses and decorate with Rangoli, diyas, and lights. The celebrations last for four days.

The first day is Dhanteras, people worship Goddess Laxmi for their well being and prosperity.

The second day is Roop Chaturdashi or Choti Diwali.

The third day of Diwali in Punjab is Laxmi Pooja.

Bhai dooj is the last day of Diwali. Bhai Dooj is a celebration of brothers and sisters bond.

Sisters pray for their brothers well being. People hosts fairs in several villages for these four days.

Diwali Celebrations in Punjab:

Diwali Celebrations in Punjab at Golden Temple of Amritsar are eye feasting.

The Temple decorates very beautifully and lights up and its image reflects in the lake adjacent to the temple.

Professionals will chant the prayers. After prayers, people burst firecrackers.

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