Dhanteras Celebrations 2019 | Mythological Story and Importance

Dhanteras Celebrations 2019

Dhanteras Celebrations 2019 or Dhanavantri Triodasi is the first-day celebration of the five days long Diwali festival.

Dhan means ‘wealth’ and Triodasi means ‘thirteenth day’, according to the Hindu lunar calendar celebrating Dhanteras comes on the thirteenth day of Ashwin month.

Pooja to Goddess Laxmi, Lord Ganesh and Kuber are done on this day. It is an auspicious day for shopping gold, precious things and utensils.

dhanteras celebrations 2019

Mythological Tales of Dhanteras:

The story behind Dhanteras celebrations is about a sixteen years old boy name Hima. His death was reckoned by a snake biting on the 4th day of his marriage.

His wife was very clever and she found out a way to save her husband’s life. She didn’t allow her husband to fall asleep on that day.

She had collected all her ornaments and coins of gold and silver and made a heap of all those at the doorway of his room and lit the lamps everywhere in the room.

In order to make him awake, she recited the stories.

When the God of death, Yama in the form of the serpent had arrived there, his eyes stated dazzling because of the light of lamps and jewellery.

He was unable to enter the room and sat down there for the whole night listening to the songs of the prince’s wife.

Slowly it became morning he went away without taking the life of a prince. From that day people started Dhanteras celebrations 2019.

Celebrating Dhanteras:

Another story behind the Celebrations of this festival is an incarnation of Goddess Laxmi from the ocean.

In order to have Amrutham(nectar of immortality), to become immortal.

Gods and Demons started churning the ocean many divine things came up while churning in which Goddess Laxmi, daughter of the milky ocean was prime.

For this reason, they celebrate this festival.

Importance of Dhanteras Celebrations 2019:

  • People perform Laxmi Pooja in the evening during the auspicious time according to the calendar.
  • At some places, people worship seven bowls of cereal namely wheat, Barley, Moong, Urad, Jowar, Gram, and Masoor.
  • People worship Tulasi plant.
  • Sweets and flowers offer during Pooja to Goddess Laxmi.
  • Before performing Pooja, people clean their houses, take bath and wear new clothes in order to clean their soul, mind, and body on Dhanteras Celebrations 2019.