Beautiful Diwali Rangoli Decoration 2019 | DIWALI WISHES 2019

Beautiful Diwali Rangoli Decoration

Diwali Rangoli Decoration: The Word Rangoli is derived from a Sanskrit word Rangavalli. It is a combination of two words Rang and aavali.

Diwali rangoli is having great significance during the festival.

Diwali is the festival of lights, is more than candles, diyas, fairy lights, and fireworks. It is also a Festival of colours in its own way, painting of homes before Diwali is custom.

Beautiful Diwali Rangoli Decoration 2019 DIWALI WISHES 2019

However, People draw artistic Rangoli or rangavalli and colourful clothes, the feting hue is all in bright colours.

The tradition of drawing Rangoli is passed on from many contemporaries.

At first, the Diwali Rangoli designs were drawn with the flour of rice, so that small birds and insects can feed on them.

Nowadays, Diwali rangoli has become an art, people organize various rangoli competitions across India to inspire old and young.

What are the regional names of Rangoli?

Rangoli or rangavalli is adept in various parts of the country. The originative designs have various names across the country.

However, in Bengal and Assam, it is familiar as Alpana, Muggulu in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Kolam in Tamil Nadu, Chaookpoorna in Chhattisgarh.

The Tradition of Diwali Rangoli Decoration:

Diwali Rangoli decoration or rangavalli is a pattern of colours of designs.

It has different geometrical forms and is symmetrical in pattern and also include holy symbols.

During Diwali, worshipping Goddess Lakshmi brings wealth and prosperity. People draw Lotus as they believe that Goddess Lakshmi sits on Lotus flower and it also symbolizes the beginning of life.

They use traditionally bright colours in Rangoli or rangavalli which has great significance.

  • With the use of sindur, we get the red colour, it stands for strength and power.
  • With the use of rice flour we get the white colour, it indicates purity, coolness, and safety.
  • while decorating to get the yellow colour people to use turmeric powder, it signifies healing and richness.
  • To get the green colour they use the powder of grains, it signifies harmony.
  • Blue colour signifies happiness and orange represent sacrifice.

Nowadays everyone is using chalk powder and synthetic colours to draw Diwali rangoli decoration.

Diwali Rangoli Decoration also includes flowers and diyas. Rangoli or rangavalli is auspicious and is a creative rendition.

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