Five Days Of Diwali Festival : The Sparkling Festival Of Light

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Five Days Of Diwali Festival: The Sparkling Festival Of Light

five days of diwali festival

Diwali or Deepavali is the most important Indian festival. This sparkling festival of lights exceeds the boundaries, cultures and religions. Five days of Diwali festival involves many ritual and activities. Deepavali longs for five days begins with ‘Dhanteras’ and ends with ‘Bhai Dooj’.  The festival gets its name from the row which means avali, of earthen lamps which mean Deepa. People clean their homes and properties and decorate with diyas, rangolis, etc. The article explains about how and why we celebrate the ‘five days’ of Diwali festival.

First Day as ‘Dhanteras’:

Dhanteras or Dhantrayodashi is the day which comes after Vasu-baras. It is festival of wealth and prosperity. There is ritual of shopping for precious metals like gold, silver and utensils on Dhanteras. On this day mothers and wives organize Yama-Deep-Daan and worship Lord Yama – the Hindu mythological God of death. They make one diya each for all living male in the family. With the help of flour, they make diyas and offer it to Lord Yama in the evening.

Second Day as ‘Choti Diwali’ or ‘Naraka Chaturdasi’:

The second day is Naraka chaturdasi, it is also familiar as ‘Choti Diwali’. People celebrate the Narakasur’s death by Lord Krishna. People wake up early in the morning and have special bath called ‘Abhyang-snan’, in which they massage their bodies with scented oil and use Utane for bath. They make Utane from several things having ayuevedic properties like sandalwood, camphor, manjistha, rose, orange peel and turmeric.

Third Day as ‘Main Diwali’:

The third day of Diwali is Lakshmi pooja. This is the main day of Diwali. It all starts by cleaning houses and setting up for Lakshmi in the evening. People decorate their entrances with the rangoli and paduka to honor and welcome Goddess Lakshmi. They worship Lord Ganesha, Jewellery, Money and the Broom. People also call Kali pooja as Shyama pooja and Mahanisha pooja in West Bengal. The tradition of worshipping Goddess Kali is not very old. They light up houses with diyas and hang Akash Kandil.  Shakar-pare, Karanji chivda and such other are the Diwali sweets and snacks. Firecrackers are burst after the pooja.

Fourth Day as ‘Padwa’ and ‘Govardhan Pooja’:

The fourth day of Diwali is cha Padwa, it is a special day for Husbands and wives. The wife does ‘Aukshan’ for her husband for health, prosperity and long life. And the husbands will give presents to their wives

Next day of Diwali is Govardhan Pooja. People worship Govardhan Mountain by offering ‘Annakut’. Annakut means various foods. They sing and dance with great pleasure.  The Mountain Govardhan is considered as real God shelter in critical conditions and save their lives and believe that it saves them forever.

Fifth Day as ‘Bhai Dooj’:

The fifth day of Diwali celebrations in Maharashtra is celebrated as Bhai Dooj. This day is dedicated to brothers and sisters. Every brother visits his sister. She performs ‘Aukshan’ for her brother. In turn brothers gift their sisters with money or other stuff. Basundi poori is the special food of this festival.


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