Top 9 Diwali Recipes : diwali sweets And diwali snacks recipes 2018

Top 9 Diwali Recipes: Diwali sweets And Diwali snacks recipes 2018

Diwali Recipes

The celebrations of Diwali festival are incomplete without Diwali sweets. Diwali recipes are the highlight of the festival. They just add enthusiasm to the festive feel. Just like the colorful rangolis that adorn the house entrances, there is nothing like a dessert table embellished with a variety of Diwali recipes. Preparing, distributing and enjoying delicious Diwali foods among family, neighbors, relatives and friends is one of the cultures. People have been following it since the olden days in India.

Diwali is the time to feed on some savory dishes. Traditionally, Diwali sweets were made with rice like Kheer and also Laddoos are made with gram flour. There are wide varieties of Diwali recipes. Diwali sweets recipes include popular Bengali sweets like rasgulla, kalakand, rasmalai, and chum chum. All-time preferred sweets like Kaju katli, gulab jamun, burfi, peda, etc. Milk, Khoya, ghee, sugar or jaggery, are the basic ingredients for the delicious Diwali foods.

Diwali Recipes: Diwali sweets & Diwali snacks recipes

Kalakand: It is popular Bengali sweet is easy to prepare. The ingredients used for preparing Kalakand recipe are condensed milk, milk, paneer and cardamom. It takes much time for preparation. It tastes very delicious with tumble texture.

Basundi: Basundi is a dessert prepared by thickening complete fat milk, sugar and nuts. Ths is popular in Gujarat, Maharastra and Karnataka.

Karanji: Karanji is also familiar as karjikai. This is made during festive seasons. It is a prepared with flour and stuffed with coconut, semolina, etc. It is easy to prepare and doesn’t take much time.

Peda: It is one of the traditional sweets prepared during the festive season. These take very deliciously as they are prepared only from milk, they make a great Diwali dish.

Rasmalai: Rasmalai is a Bengali dessert which is soft and mouth melting. Rasmalai is a combination of two words, Ras means juice and Malai mean cream. The Indian cottage cheese is made as flat balls which are cooked in sugar syrup and dipped in condensed sweet milk that is of thick consistency.

Gulab Jamun: It is a classic Indian dessert that is very popular. It is milk solids dessert, small balls usually in size of a berry are dipped in sugar syrup of rose flavor.

Malpua:  These are sweet pancakes prepare during festivals. It is made of milk, khoya, flour, ghee, and sugar.

Kaju katli: Kaju katli is one of most famous Indian sweet recipes. It is easy to prepare and very tasty sweet.

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