Diwali in South India | Diwali Festival in South India 2019

Diwali in South India

Diwali in South India, the festival of lights is known as Deepavali.

Deepavali is a Sanskrit word, Deep means clay lamps and avali means array, an array of lights. The customs of south India are slightly different from North India, they are traditional and simple.

Diwali comes on the 15th day of the Hindu month Ashvin. South Indians generally celebrate the Diwali Festival in south India the honour of Lord Krishna’s assorts Satyabhama killing the demon Narakasur.

This article is all about Diwali in South India and how they celebrate is shown. Deepavali in the South is generally celebrated a day before.

Diwali in South India Diwali Festival in South India 2019

Why and How Diwali is celebrated in South India?

The mythological tale of Deepavali is, Varaha and Bhudevi‘s son Narkasura was ruling Pragjyotishapura kingdom.

He tortured the people and was cruel to Gods.

Once he imprisoned the 1,600 daughters of God and Saints and taken away the earrings of Goddess Aditi.

All the Gods approached Lord Krishna for help. Lord Krishna along with his wife Satyabhama killed the demon and freed 1,600 women and the earrings of mother Adithi.

After killing the demon Lord Krishna smears the blood on his forehead, on returning home he had a bath with scented oil. Since then, Diwali in South India people wake up before sunrise and take oil bath.

Another tale is of King Bali, he was very powerful and challenging while at the same time, equally charitable.

Even the Gods started frightening of his nature and approached Lord Vishnu for help. Lord Vishnu incarnated as dwarf Brahmin and visited King Bali, He asked him for three feet of land, Bali agree for it.

Then dwarf Brahmin turns into Gigantic and place his one foot on land, another on heaven and the final one on his head and pushed him to hell.

Lord Vishnu impress by his generosity and kindness, so he granted him a blessing of re-emerging on the earth to spread knowledge.

Celebrations of Diwali in South India:

The day of Diwali in South India starts early in the morning before sunrise people take oil bath by applying kumkum before bath, representing it as blood, they break bitter fruit with their toe representing it as the demons head.

People decorate their houses with rangoli, flowers, betel leaves, incense sticks etc. They also prepare traditional sweets.

In the evenings, they lit up the houses with diyas in order to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi.

Lakshmi Pooja will perform inauspicious timings in the evenings. They offer Pooja to their ancestors believing that their souls depart on that day.

The rest of the evening of Diwali in South India will celebrate by bursting fireworks with friends and families.

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