Diwali as Harvest Festival Celebrations


Diwali as Harvest Festival Celebrations: People celebrate The Festival of Lights, Diwali unlike to caste and religion. In some regions, they also celebrate Diwali as Harvest Festival. While the rest of the Indians were into the festal climate of Diwali, the farming society of India is rejoicing for a different.

When is the Harvest festival?


As Diwali comes in the months of October and November which is the cropping season Kharif, denotes the Harvest festival. Here is all about why Diwali is celebrated as a harvest festival.

About the Harvest festival:

The harvest festival is on the second day of Diwali The celebrations will start after the farmers glean their harvests. It is a time when the hard work of farmers pays results in the form of healthy crops. Harvesting period is a period of prosperity for the farmers. And offer prayers to God for granting them a good crop. People worship Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and perform Aarti to her on this day.  They prepare various dishes for this festival, a special dish Poha is made with beaten rice. They take this rice from the fresh reap. Both rural and urban people will celebrate the harvest festival. People in Western India immortalize the harvest season with keen dedication.

Apart from myths, some people will also celebrate Diwali as Harvest Festival. It is the celebration of the hard work of farmers and to express their thankfulness to the Almighty.

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