Diwali 2018 Maharashtra | Five Days Celebrations of Diwali

Diwali 2018 Maharashtra

Diwali 2018 Maharashtra: Diwali, or Deepawali, is India’s biggest festival. Diwali Celebrations in Maharashtra are somewhat different when compare with other states. Celebrations last for five days in Maharashtra. In Marathi families, Diwali Celebrations starts with Vasu-Baras. It is the Marathi New Year and is an occasion for huge celebrations. However, Vasu-Baras comes on Ashwin Krishna Dwadasi date as per Marathi calendar. This celebration is held in respect of cows which are considered as the mother in the Hindu religion. Married Women will perform pooja of cows having a calf. The tradition represents a woman’s gratitude towards cow for serving them and their children.

Diwali Celebrations in Maharashtra Vasu-Baras

Diwali Celebrations in Maharashtra:

  • First day as Dhanteras

Dhanteras or Dhantrayodashi is the day which comes after Vasu-Baras. It is a festival of wealth and prosperity. There is a ritual of shopping for precious metals like gold, silver, and utensils on Dhanteras. On this day mothers and wives organize Yama-Deep-Daan and worship Lord Yama – the Hindu mythological God of death. However, they make one Diya for each all living male in the family With the help of flour, they make diyas and offer it to Lord Yama in the evening.

  • Second day as Chhoti

The second day is Naraka Chaturdashi which is also known as Chhoti. People celebrate the Narakasur’s death by Lord Krishna. People wake up early in the morning and have a special bath called ‘Abhyang-snan’, in which they massage their bodies with scented oil and use Utane for the bath. They make Utane from several things having Ayurvedic properties like sandalwood, camphor, manjistha, rose, orange peel and turmeric.

  • Third day as Lakshmi Pooja:

The third day of Diwali is Lakshmi pooja. This is the main day of Diwali. It all starts by cleaning houses and setting up for Lakshmi in the evening. People decorate their entrances with the rangoli and paduka to honor and welcome Goddess Lakshmi. They worship Lord Ganesh, Jewellery, Money and the Broom. They light up houses with diyas and hang Akash Kandil.  Shakar-pare, Karanji chivda and such other are the Diwali sweets and snacks. Shakar-pare, Karanji chivda and such other are the Diwali sweets and snacks. Firecrackers are burst after the pooja.

  • Fourth-day celebrations:

The fourth day of Diwali cha Padwa is a special day for Husbands and wives. The wife does ‘Aukshan’ for her husband for health, prosperity and long life. In conclusion, husbands will give presents to their wives.

  • Bhai Dooj on the Fifth day:

Finally, the fifth day of Diwali celebrations in Maharashtra is Bhai Dooj. This day celebrates as brother and sister bonding. Every brother visits his sister. She performs ‘Aukshan’ for her brother. In return, brothers gift their sisters with money or other stuff. In conclusion, Basundi Poori is the special food for this festival.

After Five days celebrations:

However, Diwali Celebrations come to an end with Bhai Dooj, the next day of Diwali is Tulsi-Vivah in Maharashtra. The holy plant of Hindus Tulsi plant is married to Lord Krishna or Lord Vishnu in a huge ceremony. Because Tulsi Vivah marks the seasonal monsoon and marriage season begins for Hindus.

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