Bhai Dooj Festival of Diwali | Importance and Images of Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj Festival of Diwali

Bhai Dooj is a festival for brother and sister bonding. This Bhai Dooj Festival of Diwali comes after the main Diwali day. This festival comes on the second day of Shukla Paksha in Karthika month. It is also familiar as Yama Dwitiya.

Bhai Dooj Festival of Diwali

On this day, sisters pray for their brother’s good health, long and prosperous life. Sisters wake up in the early morning, offer prayers to Gods and Goddesses for better health and future of their brothers. After the Pooja, the sisters will perform Aukshan to their brothers it includes tilak ceremony by putting kumkum, rice and dahi on their forehead, do Aarti and offer sweets. Finally, the brothers give presents to them.

What is the Story behind Bhai Dooj Celebrations?

According to a legend, Yamraj, the God of death had visited his sister Yamuna on this special day. She welcomed her brother by Aarti, Tilak ceremony, garland and special dishes. As a symbol of true love and care, he offered his sister a unique gift. On that day Yamraj declares that brother who receives tilak and aarti by their sister will never be scared. That is why people Bhai Dooj also as Yama Dwitiya.

 Bhai Dooj

Another legend behind Bhai Dooj is, Lord Krishna after killing the demon Narakasura had returned to his sister Subhadra. She welcomes by Aarti, tilak, flowers, and sweets.

Bhai Dooj Festival Diwali

Traditions and Significance of Bhai Dooj:

  • Brothers visit their sister’s house for celebrating this festival. Sisters pray on this day to Gods and Goddesses to bless and protect their brothers from all the problems, evils and bad fortune.
  • Sisters make a seat for their brothers to sit and receive the ceremony.
  • They apply a mixture of sindoor and rice on the hands of the brother to worship and offer beetle leaves, nuts and flowers.
  • Sisters read chants by pouring water on the palm. And then they will perform tilak and Aarti.
  • It is a good luck to see the flying kite to fulfill the wishes of their brother. Sisters who are far away will pray to God moon and take aarti for the wellness of their brothers.
  • This is the main reason why children call the moon as Chandamama.

Images of Bhai Dooj

People in North India will celebrate it with great passion and joy. There is a sweet dish in Maharashtra known as Basundi Poori prepared for this occasion. The festival makes them remember the responsibilities, to each other. It is a way to present love and care for one another.

Images of Bhai Dooj :

Here are some of the wishing Images of Bhai Dooj,

bhai dooj images




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